Spring is the perfect time to replace windows from Ostaco
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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Replace Your Windows

When it comes to replacing your windows, it can really be done at any time of year. It’s important to replace your windows as soon as they begin to break down, so you can keep your home safe and comfortable.

However, if you’re more flexible and replacing your windows is not an emergency, spring is the perfect time of year to replace your windows:

1. The weather is mild

One of the main reasons that makes spring the perfect time to install new windows is that the weather is mild, and tends to be predictable. The chance of snow has likely passed, and your home won’t be exposed to extreme cold or heat while the installation takes place.

2. The days are longer

During the spring and early summer, we get longer days, with more hours of sunlight than in the fall and winter. While that doesn’t mean you can’t install windows during the rest of the year, spring days give your installers more daylight hours to work and, as a result, the installation may take fewer days to complete.

3. Ideal for caulking

Installing new windows involves caulking, and caulk can be susceptible to extreme weather. Spring temperatures are mild and are not typically extremely hot or extremely cold, which allows the caulking to easily adhere to the windows and your home.

4. Longevity

Weather can also impact the window material itself. Most new windows are made of aluminum and vinyl, which expand in warm weather and contract in cold temperatures. This can cause movement of the substrate, which can weaken the integrity of your windows. Installing windows in the spring can avoid this issue.

Hiring a reputable and experienced window installation company means that you can have windows installed at any time of year. Find an Ostaco Windows & Doors dealer near you.

Benefits of investing in new windows and doors from Ostaco
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Top Benefits of Investing In New Windows & Doors

If you’re a homeowner, investing in new windows and doors is one of the best things you can do for your home. From increasing your curb appeal to improving your energy efficiency, here are the top benefits of installing new windows and doors:

1. Safety and security

If your home’s windows and doors are old and beginning to show signs of wear, they could be making your home more susceptible to break-ins. Replacing damaged windows will help provide you with more security. Modern windows and doors also come with more security features, like multiple locking systems, which can make your home even safer.

2. Curb appeal and resale value

Damaged and old windows and doors can look unsightly, detracting from your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal. New windows and doors will help to give your home a refresh and can increase your home’s resale value. In fact, investing in new windows can result in 84% of a return on your investment if you decide to sell your home.

3. Improved energy efficiency

Old windows and doors are not as energy efficient as newer models. New windows are typically made of multiple panes of glass and special glazing to prevent heat loss, and energy-efficient materials like vinyl. Old windows and doors may also be beginning to break down and letting air out through cracks and broken seals. Upgrading your windows and doors can help you save money on your utility bills.

4. Fewer repairs

As your windows and doors age, they will typically require more maintenance and regular repairs to keep them in good shape. With advancements in technology, newer windows and doors require less maintenance, so installing new windows and doors will help you save valuable time and money.

5. A more comfortable and quieter home

Your home should be a place where you can relax, but if you have older windows and doors, that’s not always the case. Investing in new windows and doors can help block out noise from outside, reduce dust and allergens and maintain your desired temperature, giving you a more comfortable and quieter home.

Need new windows and doors? Find an Ostaco dealer near you.

Change the look of your home with windows from Ostaco
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Windows Can Change The Look Of Your Home

Homeowners, and homebuyers for that matter, tend to overlook their windows. They are an afterthought, more a functional feature than an aesthetic one. Yes, windows contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, can be opened to let the summer breeze in, and keep out the cold, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too.

The fact is, your windows can have a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance. If you’re considering replacement windows, here’s how to change up the look of your home:

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the highest-selling residential window on the market, and for good reason. Ostaco windows are made to order, and can come in any shape, size, and colour — within reason of course. So whether you are a designer, architect, contractor, or DIY’er, you can have the window that fits your style. And unlike wood, you won’t have to repaint your new vinyl windows.

Window Styles

What are you looking for? Windows are everywhere, and we are sure you can recognize the differences, but never knew what to call them. If the traditional look appeals to you, double-hung or Single hung windows are the standard. Simply put, it looks like one large window divided into two sections called sashes. In the case of double-hung, both sashes can travel up and down, whereas with a single hung, only the bottom does. For the homeowner looking for a classic look. 

Single-hung window from Ostaco


If you were wanting to go modern, and needing to compliment that new stuccoed extension, casements or awning windows are the way to go. Clean hard lines maximize the amount of glass, which means more light, and large, unobstructed views. Like opening your windows to enjoy the fresh summer air? These windows open just like a door, hinging on either the left, the right, or top, bringing the great outdoors into your living space. 

Big casement window from Ostaco


Without a doubt though, there is no better way to change the appearance of your home, and add some character to the interior than by adding a bow or bay window. Both styles of window add an interesting architectural detail to any facade. A bow window can be made to bend around the corner of your kitchenette, whereas a bay window will create a small seating area. Now imagine filling that nook with pillows, grabbing a book, your favorite hot beverage, and enjoying your new bay window. Sounds nice and comfy.

5 signs you need new windows from Ostaco Windoors

Improve Your Home With New Windows

No matter what style of window you choose, new windows will spruce up the look of your home, increase it’s value, and invite you to infuse a bit of personality.

Make a statement that people will notice. Let Ostaco Windows and Doors will make the windows, doors and patio doors for you.

Bold statement windows and doors from Ostaco
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Window & Door Trends for 2019

Your home is so much more than a living space; it’s a personal expression of what’s important to you. That’s why Ostaco & Therma-Tru continuously updates our products to evolve with the style that speak to you the most, and celebrate your individuality and creativity.

With a new year fast approaching, we’re looking ahead to some exciting new trends for windows and doors in 2019. If you’re considering a replacement or installation in the near future, consider some of these great options:

1. Modern, sophisticated design

Unleash your creative confidence with bold statements, a striking modern design trend. Push boundaries with minimalistic, geometric and dramatic styles — all warm and approachable, with a touch of luxe. Get eclectic by mixing up colours, shapes and materials to create a bold look and feel that’s arresting and share-worthy.

Transform your entryway into a bold focal point with Therma-Tru’s new Shaker-style Classic Craft American Style Collection and Smooth-Star doors, Pule doors and Geometric glass.

2. Balance with classic styles from the past

Classic style windows from Ostaco

If you long for a relaxed atmosphere and authentic craftsmanship, you’ll feel right at home with the casual comfort trend. Rooted in heritage, but updated to accommodate modern technology, it features welcoming entrances, layered textures and clean and simple design with artisan style factors. Its inviting, cozy nature is just the thing to balance your busy life.

Capture the inviting, homey look and feel of simpler times with Therma-Tru’s new Shaker-style Classic Craft American Style Collection and Smooth-Star doors.

3. Reinventing traditional styles

Modern traditional styles from Ostaco Windows & Doors

Want to honour historic design, but personalize it in a new way? Renewed classics is the style trend for you. Embrace the soft, refined design elements of the classics and add a modern twist that creates an easy elegance with relaxed formality. Inspiration is everywhere for how to apply a fresh, customized approach to the traditional homes you love.

No matter what trend or style you’re interested in, Ostaco has the windows and doors to suit your needs. Browse our gallery or find a dealer near you.

5 signs you need new windows from Ostaco Windoors
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5 Signs You Need New Windows

Your windows are part of your home’s defence against the elements. But if your windows are starting to get old and are past their prime, they may be less effective in protecting your home.

Luckily, there are a few signs that you can watch for to know when it’s time to replace your windows:

1. Higher Than Normal Utility Bills

As windows begin to age, you may start to notice higher than normal utility bills. Over time, your windows may start to let in drafts and, as a result, lose more cold and warm air from your home. If you start to notice a steady rise in your utility bills and you know your windows are starting to age, consider replacing them. The investment will save you money in the long run!

2. Cold & Drafts

During the winter, you may feel cool gusts of air blowing into your home from the area around your windows. This is a tell-tale sign that your windows need to be replaced.

3. Windows Don’t Close Or Lock Properly

Windows aren’t just essential for keeping your home safe from the elements — they also play a major part in your home’s security. That’s why it’s important to ensure your windows always close and lock properly. Old casement windows may start to lose their ability to close if the window sash begins to droop, while others may lose their seal. If your windows no longer close and lock the way they should, consider a replacement as soon as possible.

4. Your Carpet Or Furniture Is Fading

Window glass is more than just regular glass. Window glass is made with reflecting properties that help to limit the amount of solar radiation that enters your home. Older windows may not have enough reflection, or it may have lessened over time, resulting in your furniture and carpet beginning to fade wherever the light hits. In this case, it may be time to replace your windows so you can protect your home’s interior and extend the life of your carpet and upholstered furniture.

5. The Window Glass Has Changed In Appearance

Over time, the finish on your windows may begin to change in appearance, whether it’s the colour of the finish or discolouration of the glass. While this is a normal chemical reaction, it is also a good indication that your windows may be getting old and needing to be replaced.

New windows bring a lot of value to your home, from helping you save money on utilities to adding to the curb appeal. If your home needs new windows, check out Ostaco’s gallery for some inspiration.