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What Are PRISM Windows?

The PRISM window line by Ostaco is at the leading edge of window technology and design. In this blog, we are going to go over the benefits of PRISM windows and why you’ll want to consider using them for your next project.


Our engineering team had one objective — less frame and more glass than any other vinyl window.  PRISM is progress.  Some of the structural upgrades to the PRISM window include:

  1. Fusion-welded vinyl chambers.
  2. Internal steel reinforcement channel.
  3. Mullion pocket to facilitate structural reinforcements when combining large units.
  4. Santoprene bulb seals improve the sash/bulb contact area for a consistent season and improved performance.
  5. Commercially rated structural performance designation (Results available upon request).

Energy efficiency

PRISM windows are rated most efficient by ENERGY STAR®.

Available in either ⅞” dual-glazed or 1-⅜” true triple-pane glazed. Our customers get industry-leading energy performance and sound reduction, especially with true triple-glazed.

The PRISM window also has self-adjusting weatherstripping that provides the highest possible resistance to air and water infiltration (Results available upon request).

Finishing touches

All PRISM hardware is supplied by the industry-leading manufacturer, TRUTH HARDWARE. With the new TRUTH Contemporary Handle and Lock, you can choose from white, black, and satin nickel — it is the ideal option to complement the low-profile window design. PRISM windows also come with a heavy-duty, multi-point locking system that will provide your home with the safety and security that you want.

And lastly, colour options. You will be able to choose from Ostaco’s standard colours or you can supply a colour swatch for matching. Whatever theme or character you want your home to have, colour makes all the difference.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of PRISM windows or if you’d like to get a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our expertly-trained staff.

Bold statement windows and doors from Ostaco
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Window & Door Trends for 2019

Your home is so much more than a living space; it’s a personal expression of what’s important to you. That’s why Ostaco & Therma-Tru continuously updates our products to evolve with the style that speak to you the most, and celebrate your individuality and creativity.

With a new year fast approaching, we’re looking ahead to some exciting new trends for windows and doors in 2019. If you’re considering a replacement or installation in the near future, consider some of these great options:

1. Modern, sophisticated design

Unleash your creative confidence with bold statements, a striking modern design trend. Push boundaries with minimalistic, geometric and dramatic styles — all warm and approachable, with a touch of luxe. Get eclectic by mixing up colours, shapes and materials to create a bold look and feel that’s arresting and share-worthy.

Transform your entryway into a bold focal point with Therma-Tru’s new Shaker-style Classic Craft American Style Collection and Smooth-Star doors, Pule doors and Geometric glass.

2. Balance with classic styles from the past

Classic style windows from Ostaco

If you long for a relaxed atmosphere and authentic craftsmanship, you’ll feel right at home with the casual comfort trend. Rooted in heritage, but updated to accommodate modern technology, it features welcoming entrances, layered textures and clean and simple design with artisan style factors. Its inviting, cozy nature is just the thing to balance your busy life.

Capture the inviting, homey look and feel of simpler times with Therma-Tru’s new Shaker-style Classic Craft American Style Collection and Smooth-Star doors.

3. Reinventing traditional styles

Modern traditional styles from Ostaco Windows & Doors

Want to honour historic design, but personalize it in a new way? Renewed classics is the style trend for you. Embrace the soft, refined design elements of the classics and add a modern twist that creates an easy elegance with relaxed formality. Inspiration is everywhere for how to apply a fresh, customized approach to the traditional homes you love.

No matter what trend or style you’re interested in, Ostaco has the windows and doors to suit your needs. Browse our gallery or find a dealer near you.