Benefits of investing in new windows and doors from Ostaco
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Top Benefits of Investing In New Windows & Doors

If you’re a homeowner, investing in new windows and doors is one of the best things you can do for your home. From increasing your curb appeal to improving your energy efficiency, here are the top benefits of installing new windows and doors:

1. Safety and security

If your home’s windows and doors are old and beginning to show signs of wear, they could be making your home more susceptible to break-ins. Replacing damaged windows will help provide you with more security. Modern windows and doors also come with more security features, like multiple locking systems, which can make your home even safer.

2. Curb appeal and resale value

Damaged and old windows and doors can look unsightly, detracting from your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal. New windows and doors will help to give your home a refresh and can increase your home’s resale value. In fact, investing in new windows can result in 84% of a return on your investment if you decide to sell your home.

3. Improved energy efficiency

Old windows and doors are not as energy efficient as newer models. New windows are typically made of multiple panes of glass and special glazing to prevent heat loss, and energy-efficient materials like vinyl. Old windows and doors may also be beginning to break down and letting air out through cracks and broken seals. Upgrading your windows and doors can help you save money on your utility bills.

4. Fewer repairs

As your windows and doors age, they will typically require more maintenance and regular repairs to keep them in good shape. With advancements in technology, newer windows and doors require less maintenance, so installing new windows and doors will help you save valuable time and money.

5. A more comfortable and quieter home

Your home should be a place where you can relax, but if you have older windows and doors, that’s not always the case. Investing in new windows and doors can help block out noise from outside, reduce dust and allergens and maintain your desired temperature, giving you a more comfortable and quieter home.

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How to choose a new front door for your home from Ostaco
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How To Choose A Front Door For Your Home

Making a good first impression with your home is important, whether you’re wanting to upgrade the look of your entryway, make your home more inviting, or are planning to sell in the near future. One of the most important parts of your home’s first impression is the front door, so knowing how to choose the right front door is crucial.

1. Cost

Doors come in a wide range of styles, materials and colours, and all of these factors can influence the cost of a door. But whatever your budget, there’s a door out there for you. If your budget is on the lower end, consider a steel door; mid-range budgets may want to consider fibreglass or aluminum; while wood doors are higher-end options.

2. Material

While the material is a major consideration when it comes to your budget, it’s also important to understand the benefits. Steel doors, for example, are primarily chosen for their cost effectiveness, but the benefits don’t tend to go much beyond that. Steel can be high maintenance and damage easily.

If you’re looking for a door without any maintenance, fibreglass is a great option. Fibreglass won’t warp, and the finish will stay true with very little maintenance. You can even find fibreglass doors that look like wood, without the high price tag. A fibreglass door will also provide you with better insulation value than steel or wood.

Aluminum doors can be on the more expensive side, and they’re poor conductors of heat and cold. The limited finishing options may also not be what you’re looking for.

Wood doors are an attractive option for your front door, but beware of their maintenance requirements. Wood doors warp more easily and may require yearly maintenance and upkeep.

3. Style

Your personal style and the style of your home are likely to be the most influential factors when you choose a front door. With plenty of options for both traditional and modern looks, your front door is a great opportunity to show off your style. Rustic, traditional, Colonial, American Craftsman, modern and shaker are just a few of the styles to choose from for your front door.

Another consideration for style is choosing between a single door or double doors. We’re seeing more homeowners opt for a single door with larger sidelights to make more of a statement and bring additional light into their home.

Depending on your personal preference, there are plenty of options for customization as well, like colour, stain, hardware and more.

Not sure what kind of look you want? Try Therma-Tru’s Design Your Door app to find the perfect door, and find out how much value it could add to your home.

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Elevate your home with sliding glass doors from Ostaco
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How Sliding Glass Doors Can Elevate Your Home

At Ostaco, we believe that doors can, and should, be more than simply functional. While they provide a great deal of security and protection for your home, the style of door is just as important as the practicality.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to elevate your home, look no further than sliding glass doors for your patio.

What Are My Options For Sliding Glass Doors?

There are three main types of sliding glass doors for patio applications: standard, bi-folding and European-style.

Standard sliding doors are likely what we all think of when we picture sliding glass doors: a door with a large, sliding panel on a track.

Bi-folding doors are made up of several panels that fold together when opened.

European-style sliding doors are European-inspired with European hardware, a slimmer profile for larger openings, with more glass and easy operation

Standard sliding, bi-folding and European-style sliding doors are excellent options for creating the airy, light-filled space you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Should I Choose Sliding Glass Doors?

1. Embrace Natural Light

Windows aren’t the only way to bring natural light in your home! Sliding glass doors will add beautiful natural light to any room, and are most often seen in a dining room or living room. Even on the darkest day, your space will feel light and airy.

2. Create A Transitional Space

Sliding glass doors create a transitional space in your home by bringing the outside in and vice versa. Instead of feeling closed off from your garden, you’ll be able to see it and appreciate it from inside, even in the dead of winter. In the summer, throw the doors open so you can easily move between your garden and your living area and make the two feel like one.

3. Add Some Style

Adding style to your home and living spaces is easy with the incorporation of sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors come in a variety of styles, whether you want to add a touch of modern cool to your home or prefer a classic elegance.

No matter what type of door you’re looking for, sliding glass or otherwise, we have a wide range of door options to fit your design style and needs. Find a dealer near you!