Shutters To-Go

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Window Shutters
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Unique Architectural Shapes

No problem...Ostaco’s Shutters-to-go are factory-built to fit most window shapes: Eyebrow, Half-Circle, Quarter Circle and many more! Transform your windows into fashion statements with the practical, affordable appeal of Ostaco’s Shutters-To-Go.

Fashion Meets Function

Ostaco’s Shutters-to-go are offered in a variety of sizes,colours and frame styles to fit almost any decor. Each shutteris custom designed to fit your window perfectly, and when your window is installed the shutter is built right in to match. Choose your window and your shutter, your way...What’s not to like?

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Colour and Style

Ostaco Shutters give you that designer look that might just increase the value of your home. Get total light control and privacy at your fingertips with Ostaco’s Shutters-to-go.

Tough and Beautiful

Ostaco Shutters add a sense of luxury to virtually any room and will ensure years of great performance. Choose your frame style and colour to cleverly match your decor in either a traditional tilt-bar or an offset tilt-bar shutter.

Rotation System & Louver Sizes

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We at Ostaco stand behind our products.

  • 25 Year Warrantee - Unconditionally guaranteed
  • Energy Efficient - Hollow design provides the best insulation barrier
  • Waterproof - Perfect for any high-moisture areas
  • Non-Porous - Resists mould and mildew
  • Child Safe - No choking hazard from cords
  • Fire Retardant - NFPA-701 Certified
  • Washable - Easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Strong and Durable - Will not warp, crack, peel or fade
  • Lightweight Design - Out performs heavier products