Exceptional Windows are a Great Investment

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

When you purchase a new window for your house, you are spending in a home enhancement that can either save you bucks or continue to cost you more. Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for a window replacement:

  • Life span of the window—will it last a long time?
  • Energy efficiency of the window
  • How much repair and maintenance will it require?
  • How long is the warranty coverage?
  • How will I get damages repaired if they happen?
  • How much will the new windows improve the value of your home?

Money-Saving Tips on Window Maintenance

Below are two crucial ways new windows can save you extra money:

  1. Should you opt for vinyl windows, you can do away the price of painting the windows, inside or out. In fact, painting the windows is the most costly component in any typical painting project. Skip the need for that and your painting expenses will be decreased.
  2. The outer surface of most contemporary replacement windows these days is built in such a way that it can be easily cleaned from the inside. And, if you wash your own windows, you'll save a lot of time and prevent a huge safety risk. If you usually hire a specialist, you may discover you can actually do it on your own using new functional windows.

A lot of people are easily motivated to replace their windows every time they catch a grand sale at a local home center shop. Be very cautious because oftentimes, the discounted prices shown are for the bottom-of-the-line windows. Some renowned companies create top, middle and bargain selections of windows. It's best to stay away from the so-called bargain range. Also, numerous household owners are having a difficult time getting someone to install bargain windows because most professionals don't wish to be associated with a substandard product.

Price is not the only major concern. When you sum it all up, a cheap window can truly cost you.

Cost vs. Value

Cost – how much you spend for something.
Value – how much you acquire back relative to that cost.

Window quality Basic Average High

Price per window $300 $400 $500
Total installation price
(10 windows)
$3,000 $4,000 $5,000
Resale value recouped 56% 74% 86%
Resale return on investment $1,680 $2,960 $4,300
Net cost $1,320 $1,040 $700
10-year utility bills at $125/mo.
(incl. inflation rate)
$18,868 $18,868 $18,868
Percent utility savings 10% 20% 35%
Total utility savings $1,887 $3,774 $6,604
Total return on investment

$3,567 $6,734 $10,904
Net return +$567 +$2,734 +$5,904

Source: Cost vs. Value Report, REMODELING Magazine 2005/11/01

You can very well notice from the comparison above that the better the windows you have, the higher your return on investment will be. This shouldn't even amaze you. Just like the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For." Plan long-term when investing on new windows and doors—you should take advantage of a superior product that will last a long time and offer years of satisfaction and performance. Remember that the lowest price may not always be the best option. To recognize a valuable deal, choose a product that will meet your expectations and add worth to your home, and your quality of life as well.