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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.


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Regardless of the framing material, proper installation is absolutely critical to the optimum performance of a window. Windows that are improperly installed will be less energy efficient and will not provide the quality performance life for which they're designed. Some of the possible installation mistakes on vinyl windows and doors include creating openings that are too large, improper flashing, improper choice of anchorage or too much space between fasteners. These mistakes can be found in the installation of all types of windows. It is extremely important to install bottom support properly. Vinyl windows need solid, level support across the entire bottom (the sill jamb). Shims shall be installed in a manner to minimize deflection, distortion or rotation of the frame or sill and to permit proper operation of the window or door. 

In the addition, the farther to the exterior will be the window, the more condensation problems are likely to occur. Ideally, the glass plane should be located in the insulated portion of the wall. This enables the glass to stay warm as the surrounding of the window frame is insulated. Every Ostaco window is a custom-built, high-performance product. It is critical that your windows be installed properly in order to enjoy the benefits designed into your window.

Key Points:

  1. If the window is equipped with a wind break, a bead of quality sealant should be applied to the back of the wind break before it is placed into the opening.
  2. Windows should be placed into the rough opening, shimmed and leveled approx. 1/4" off the sill plate. The window may now be centered in the opening leaving an equal space on both sides between the frame and the rough stud opening.
  3. If the window has wind break, place a nail or screw through one of the pre-punched holes in the top right corner of the wind break.
  4. Level the jambs of the window and place another nail or screw through the pre-punched holes of the wind break at the top left corner. This screw or nail may be sunk all of the way, taking care not to damage the wind break. You may proceed to sink the first screw or nail exercising the same care.
  5. Ensure that the jambs are indeed level and screw or nail through the wind break in the lower right corner and then the lower left corner.
  6. Determine that the jambs are level in the center of the frame and then introduce screws or nails through the wind break at the center point on the right and left sides.

    NOTE: Wind break should NEVER be used as the sole device to secure the window to the wall.
  7. From the inside of the house, shims should be placed between the rough stud and the side jambs of the frame as well as under any hardware. Shims should be located approx. 8" from the top and bottom corners on both sides with two more located at the mid-point of each side. These shims should be snug but not tight enough to bow the jambs. If the frame is pre-drilled, the shims should be located in line with the pre-drilled holes. Screws can now be introduced into the pre-drilled holes and fastened through the frame, shim and into the rough stud.
  8. If the windows are not pre-drilled but have been ordered with installation brackets, the windows can be shimmed behind the bracket location and screws can then be introduced through the bracket and shim into the stud opening.
  9. If the windows are not pre-drilled, and were not ordered with installation brackets, but do have wood jamb extensions, the windows can be shimmed as previously described and screws or nails can be introduced through the extensions, through the shims and into the rough stud.
  10. If the windows are not equipped with any mode of fastening them into the stud openings, contact your dealer for the proper location for holes drilled through the frame, or to obtain a supply of installation brackets.
  11. Ensure that the sash/sashes function correctly and smoothly. If binding is evident or if there is an uneven distance between the sash and the frame, fine tuning of the shimming and fastening may be required.
  12. Do not attempt to insulate the window until all of the adjustments have been made that will allow for proper and comfortable operation.
  13. Foam sealant is not recommended, but if it is your choice, it should only be installed by someone who has had experience with this type of product. Improper use of foam can cause bowing of the frame, which may translate into impeded operation and/or poor thermal performance. It may also make corrections difficult. Fiberglass insulation packed loosely around the perimeter of the frame, makes for an efficient and trouble free alternative.

A WORD ABOUT FLASHING: The following is a reprint from the ONTARIO BUILDING CODE:
Flashing shall be installed at every horizontal junction between 2 different exterior finishes, except where the upper finish overlaps the lower finish.

Flashing shall be installed so that it extends upwards not less than 50mm (2") behind the sheathing paper and forms a drip on the outside edge. Where a window or exterior door is designed to be installed without head flashing, the exterior flange of the window or door frame shall be bedded into a non-hardening type caulking material and the exterior flange screwed down over the caulking material to the wall framing, to form a waterproof joint.

WARNING: Screens are intended to keep out insects. They are not designed to restrain children.

Let Professionals Take Care of Window Installations in Toronto for You

If you are building a new house or planning to renovate your existing house, you should pay particular attention to the types of windows appropriate for your environment and your needs. You have to figure out exactly what window type suits you as well as the dimensions where the windows will be installed.

Before Installation:

Once you have an idea of what you want, your next step is to prepare your budget. When you're done with this, drive to Ostaco or give us a call and we can get the windows ready within a short time for you to pick up. When you drive to Ostaco , you can familiarize yourself with our wide variety of windows available at different price ranges. One advantage when you make your purchase is Ostaco’s dealers will help make the window installation Toronto process go as smooth as possible.

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Why not do it yourself?

If you decide to install the windows yourself, think of the possible problems you may encounter. You may not be able to install windows properly just as an expert efficiently can; you’ll also have to stock up on all the tools and supplies to install the windows. It will also take a lot of time since you don't really know what you're doing.

You have to balance the desire to cut cost and save money as well as the need for efficiency. Although it may cost you just a tiny bit more, think of the time, effort, and stress you save when you allow us at Ostaco’s dealers to do the work for you. We guarantee you: it's a wise investment.