Preserve Glass Protection

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

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Preserve film offers a clean finish to a job well done.

The Solution is Clear with Preserve

Defend your glass with Preserve film, a patented,factory-applied protective coating from Cardinal IG. Preserve film can save you money. The film is applied at the factory so your crew doesn't have to spend precious time applying and later removing tapes, films, or other protective make shift coverings. Since Preserve is a clear film, natural light still shines into the interior of your structure during construction.

How does Preserve work

Ostaco Windows and Doors Preserve Glass Protection - 1The Preserve coating is designed to guard your glass from the beginning to the end of the distribution chain. Final site glass cleanups are a hassle, taking up valuable time and labour. In a worst case scenario, damaged glass must be reordered and replaced. Preserve is a temporary, protective film, which safeguards glass from the materials and elements that can damage a window on your job site. Safeguard your glass from stucco, paint, primer, sawdust, mud, dirt and other materials that can easily get on the glass and damage your windows. Even window labels can create a ghosting on glass, leaving a distracting visual blemish. When a job is completed, Preserve film can be removed as neatly as a tablecloth, taking all the stucco, mud, dirt, and labels with it!

Product specifications

  • Ostaco Windows and Doors Preserve Glass Protection - 2Preserve incorporates a water-based adhesive and is rated as a low density polyethylene.
  • Preserve should be removed within one year of installation.
  • Preserve contains no harmful chemicals or by-products and can be disposed of in any normal waste removal procedures.
  • Preserve should not be pressure washed.
  • Do not affix permanent grills or external fixtures directly to the Preserve. Consult your window supplier for proper application techniques.
  • Acid should not be used on Preserve film.
  • Do no use razor blades, which can scratch or score the glass, to remove the Preserve film.
  • Preserve is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 5,020,288, 5,107,643, 5,599,422 and 5,866,260. Other patents have been applied for.