Overview: Window Finishing Options

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

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Preserve Glass Protection

Defend your glass with Preserve film, a patented,factory-applied protective coating from Cardinal IG. Preserve film can save you money. The film is applied at the factory so your crew doesn't have to spend precious time applying and later removing tapes, films, or other protective make shift coverings. 

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Simulated Divided Lites

Now you can showcase the authentic 'Divided Lite' look on your windows. Match your Ostaco windows by customizing your simulated divided lite to enhance the "Old World" look.

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Paint Colours

At Ostaco, our commitment to paint quality does not sacrifice the environment. Ostaco has conducted extensive research to determine that Royal Bond paint offers the best paint application system available today. Royal Bond paint is a water-borne formula that cures very quickly while providing an extremely durable finish that resists most scratching, pitting, peeling, chipping and fading.

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Window Hardware

Using industry leading hardware in all our windows and doors has increased the beauty, durability and security of Ostaco product lines. Ostaco uses Truth Hardware in their windows in order to insure our customer a well built product.

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Brickmould & Trim

Ostaco offers 10 differnent styles of brickmold to suit any style of home. From 3/4" wide to 4" wide, from flat to profiled (ridged). Contact us for samples

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