Theirs vs. Ours

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

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Lets check reality: Theirs vs. Ours


Other companies are selling their 'triple glazed' window with 7/8" or 1" overall glass thickness. Sorry guys - but those are not 'true triple pane' units. The ideal glass thickness for a triple glazed window is 1 3/8". This golden dimension allows the argon gas to work its hardest, and bring the optimum energy efficiency to your home.


Sure - three panes weigh more than two! That's why we laboured over the hardware, designing the correct shape and function to bear the extra weight of all that weather-protecting thermal glass. Ostaco's hinges are thicker, stronger, and more durable than the competition. Enersense's hinge can hold up to 185 lbs and still glide with ease and grace.


Ontario's temperatures fluctuate far more than most climates worldwide! Add our wind, rain, sun and snow to wildly differing seasonal mercury, and it's plain: we need strong and hearty windows. Enersense by Ostaco uses only the best materials and design elements for where we live! We've put heart, soul and considerable research dollars into developing a strong multi-chambered frame and sash to keep up with expansion and contraction over the seasons. And our vinyl wall thickness is 30% thicker than traditional vinyl windows.

Foam Filled

Go Green for comfort, energy efficiency and savings. Foam filled windows are more energy efficient and bring added comfort regardless of the temperature. Enersense comes with polyurethane foam-filled chambers: a simple innovation that improves overall thermal efficiency up to 8%. (You see, foam helps to retain internal temperatures, preventing condensation.)

Energy Efficiency

We'd love you to believe our claims of top-notch energy efficiency but just in case you need convincing…Enersense is both CSA and Energy Star certified!

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