Efficiency, Strength and Beauty

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

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No pane, no gain: triple pane glass is the way to go

Enersense windows are made with three panes of glass, to an overall thickness of 1 3/8". This magic number is optimum for energy performance: so it keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. (This is Canada, eh, so what's not to love about that?) Here are the geeky details:

Argon Gas

Argon gas is top of its class. This miracle gas between each pane of glass us what makes Enersense Low-E (low-emissivity). Basically, Low-E windows significantly reduce the amount of electricity used in your home by keeping cold and heat where they belong: outside! Did you know there's 'good' light and 'bad' light? We do. That's another reason why argon gas is so great: it allows visible light to come into your home while filtering out icky UV light. Furniture, drapery and carpets love argon gas for this reason.

Sound Resistance

Busy street? Noisy neighbours? Need to sleep during the day? Enersense is your solution. We at Ostaco want your home to be a sanctuary of peace and quiet: this was one of the many inspirations behind Enersense. Sound Transmission Class (STC), rates a window's ability to resist airborne sound transfer. Enersense boasts an STC rating of 36-39…one of the best ratings available on the market.


We at Ostaco are fans of options: so - whether you love classic elegance or stark modernism - we made a window that will fit your lifestyle and your very personal esthetic. Choose between wonderful wood or super cellular PVC interior finish. (Our PVC comes standared pre-finished in the designer's favourite: Benjamin Moore Cloud White).

Ostaco Windows and Doors Efficiency, Strength and Beauty - 2

Gorgeousity (Is that even a word? It should be)

Finally strength and durability meet elegance in the window industry. The mediator? Warm, approachable wood. Traditional wood windows can rot, mold, and warp after being in high moisture areas. Lavish use of real wood, with a vinyl core construction, gives the look of fine crafted wood windows, without the maintenance. With Enersense from Ostaco, you get the beauty of a wood finish with the strength and stability of vinyl. We offer 3 gorgeous wood species: Cherry, Oak and Pine.

Gorgeousity #2

Love colour? If your home décor style tends towards cool brights or playful pastels, a vinyl finish is tailor made for you. Cellular PVC is maintenance free, highly durable and utterly versatile. Paint vinyl Enersense any colour of the rainbow; Butter Pecan in the kitchen, Cloud White in the bathroom, Paradise Pink in the bedroom…you get it.

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