Buy Quality Checklist

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

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Are your windows "really" C.S.A. certified?

Check the C.S.A. website to see if they are listed:

Are your windows "really" Energy Star Rated?

Check the Energy Star website to see if they are listed: Energy Star Canada

Is the manufacturer a member of the CWDMA (Canadian Window and Door Association)?

The Canadian Window and Door Association is an industry association focused on improving the quality of windows and doors manufactured in Canada. Ostaco is on the board. Visit their site: CWDMA

What is their warranty?

Ostaco offers a lifetime warranty that is transferrable if you sell your home. Ostaco warranties the glass, even if a baseball goes through it (labour additional). Our paint has a 20 year warranty (the longest in the industry). Check out warranty page for the best warranty in the business: Ostaco window warranty

How long have they been in business?

Are they going to be around to cover the warranty? Do they have the experience to deliver on their promise? Ostaco has been part of the window and door industry since 1982.

Ask to see a cross section of the vinyl window.

You can tell the quality of a window from how thick it is and the chambers inside. Cheaper windows look the same on the outside, but on the inside a cheap window will have thinner plastic, and fewer chambers (holes).

Does the company have the perfect glass for your window location?

Does the company have the perfect glass for your window location?

Ostaco offers 3 glass options. We have everything you need in glass for you window. Some helpful information to ask:

  • What is your U-Value? (lower the better)
  • What is your R-value? (higher the better)
  • What is your Energy Rating? (higher the better)

Visit our premium glass manufacturer's website: Cardinal Glass

Do they have the perfect colour to match your interior and exterior?

We can custom colour match against any sample that you bring us (just like your local paint store). Visit our standard colours page to see if one of our stock colours matches up: Ostaco Paint Colours or visit one of our dealers to get your custom colour match.

For larger windows, does the company use steel reinforcing for added strength?

Ostaco is one of the few that actually do this. Don't risk your window warping or collapsing out of the opening.

Does the company use quality hardware from a reputable supplier or do they import hardware which is only an imitation of that made by industry leading companies like Truth Hardware?

Ostaco uses Truth Hardware, a reputable, high quality hardware manufacturer, know for the highest quality standards and a warranty that backs their products.

Do they offer Custom Windows? Sizes, shapes, grills, SDL bars?

Everything at Ostaco is made to order. Size is not a limit, colour is not a limit, grills come in any configuration, SDL makes your new window look historic... visit our custom shapes page for more information.

Are the SDL bars aluminum?

Quality SDL bars are made from aluminum. We also paint these to match the window frame and sash.

Ask them about their installation procedure. Do they foam to seal all the gaps, to they use proper shimming techniques?

Ostaco certified dealers are trained in the fine art of window installation. Any size window, and shape... count on our professional installation contractors to make sure your windows fit like window should. Visit our installation page for more information: Installation Instructions

What is brickmould?

Brickmould dresses up the outside of your window by adding a trim around window. Ostaco offers 10 different styles. Visit our Brickmould & Trim page to learn more.