Quality Multi-Chambered PVC Window Frames

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Generally speaking, all vinyl windows do look the same from the outside, but if you have the opportunity to see the inside (or a cross section) the story changes dramatically.

When selecting a quality window, it is important to consider the number of hollow chambers, (or cavities) that a window contains. Why is a multiple chambered window a sign of quality and integrity?

A window that incorporates a multi-chambered system increases the total weld surface that is available at each corner of the window. The larger the weld surface, the stronger the corners, and hence the increase in the integrity of the total window fit.

Other benefits of a multi-chambered system include:

  • less distortion in frame and sash materials
  • increased useable living space in your home
  • a reduction in noise levels from outside your home
  • the provision for steel reinforcing when necessary.

Rest assured, when you choose an Ostaco window or door product, you will have a lifetime product that functions perfectly and meets your every expectation.