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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Ostaco Windows and Doors Certificates & Awards - 1C.W.D.M.A

The Canadian Window and Door Association is an industry association focused on improving the quality of windows and doors manufactured in Canada. 

Ostaco has representation on the Board of Directors and will always ensure that the members operate with the highest ethics and conform to the highest level of accreditation including C.S.A and Energy Star.


Ostaco is proud to offer competitive and affordable prices, without jeopardizing its high quality products. Below is an ongoing listing of our awards and achievements. 

  1. Energy Efficient Home Recognition
    • Ostaco Windows and Doors Certificates & Awards - 2Due to the constant efforts of the Ostaco team, our product continues to become more and more efficient, our constant vigilence to testing and using the newest technologies available ensures the end-user benefits from increased energy savings and energy efficient window products. 

      Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. We have also been recognized by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. for promoting Energy Star qualified windows.
  2. Case Study | Energy Efficiency – Iceland Case
    • Ostaco Windows and Doors Certificates & Awards - 3Our dedication to each and every customer ensures superior results and service.  We conduct extensive testing in order to comply with each project's requirements. For our customers' benefit, testing results are made widely available online, via the phone, and throughout CSA reports. 
    • In a recent project conducted in Iceland, Ostaco was faced with another rigorous challenge.  This particular client required the water resistance level to be 1100 Pa.  Remarkably, we were able to successfully comply with these standards. 
    • Another recent project required a simulation test for an energy efficient comparison.  The Seal Unit was thoroughly tested in conjunction with the grill bars, and proved to greatly exceed Energy star requirements.  Our constant efforts have led to remarkable results and greater expectations from our customers.