Ostaco Bi-fold Patio Door

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Bi-fold Patio Door
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Now this is fresh thinking. A sleek, folding door that lets you relate to your outdoors in a whole new way. With one easy push, it folds away to almost nothing. It’s a best-of-all worlds door if you need energy efficiency, beauty and virtual ‘disappearance’ with a simple push. If you pair it with our No See’um Motorized Screen you truly have it made in the shade. It’s also new from Ostaco.

The Moose cares, The Moose shares.

Expect an all-vinyl multi-chambered frame with its glass panels inside the insulated part of the wall at the center of the total ‘R’ value materials.
Translation: The glass is right in the middle of the warmest part of the door, reducing heat loss for lower bills!

The full perimeter weatherstrip around the frame and the sashes ensure optimum air and water tightness.
Translation: Drafts and leaks are not an option.

The Moose doesn’t like maintenance.

Constructed to be strong and super-precise, The Moose Folding door is metal-reinforced. Hardware is superb quality  hardware…and stainless steel parts are anodized to prevent weathering.

The Moose wants you to feel safe.

Expect secure three point locking hardware at the grip set and in addition to that, every other panel has its own independent locking system. Sturdy is this window’s middle name!


The No See’um, Motorized Screen,
friend of The Moose.

Also new from Ostaco. At the press of a button, The No See’um Motorized Screen smoothly and silently glides down into place. It transforms your outdoor or indoor living space into a fresh, ventilated, pest-free environment.

A natural compliment to The Moose, this clever invention brings you all the benefits of a screen but without unsightly screen doors, or ever-present screen windows. Imagine breezy, unobtrusive shelter that appears and disappears at your whim!

Of course, the No See’um Motorized Screen works beautifully in tandem with a wall of The Moose Folding Doors – plus countless other places in your home or cottage. Garage, porch, balcony, verandah…we could go on.

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