No See'um Motorized Screen

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

No See'um
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Also new from Ostaco. At the press of a button, The No See’um Motorized Screen smoothly and silently glides down into place. It transforms your outdoor or indoor living space into a fresh, ventilated, pest-free environment.

A natural compliment to The Moose, this clever invention brings you all the benefits of a screen but without unsightly screen doors, or ever-present screen windows. Imagine breezy, unobtrusive shelter that appears and disappears at your whim! Of course, the No See’um Motorized Screen works beautifully in tandem with a wall of The Moose Folding Doors – plus countless other places in your home or cottage. Garage, porch, balcony, verandah…we could go on.

The No See’um Screen is available in 10 colours.