Classic-Craft vs Fiber-Classic

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.



Fiber-Classic® + Smooth-Star®

  1. Enhanced Height Trimmability
    2 1/2" top rail for easier precision fitting in larger rough openings without re-railing.
  2. Indistinguishable from Real Wood
    Wood-grained fiberglass exterior made true to nature with patented AccuGrain® technology. Or premium, smooth surface for an upscale, paintable alternative.
  3. Higher R-Values
    Polyurethane foam core provides four times the insulating value of wood.* Most Therma-Tru® door systems carry the ENERGY STAR® label and NFRC certification.
  4. Exclusive Glass Designs
    Reserved for Classic-Craft collection doors. Combines with the collections’ elite status and sense of “limited edition” ownership to help move homeowner to premium product.
  5. Enhanced Lock Stile
    Measures 4 1/8" wide, with engineered lumber extending from top to bottom for optimum door strength and stability.
  6. Architecturally True
    Square, hardwood edges beneath the fiberglass skin give the door a more authentic wood look and feel.
  7. Rich Details
    With deep shadow lines and wide center panels (over 26") homeowners love and associate with high-end, custom wood doors.

*Comparison of fiberglass to wood doors (both without glass).
  1. Trimmable Top Rail
    Composite materials protect door at top and bottom edges to help block moisture that can wick into doors, and with 1/2" extra height for easy trimming to precision fit, there’s no re-railing needed.
  2. Higher R-Values
    Therma-Tru doors offer four times the insulating value of wood with a polyurethane foam core.* Most Therma-Tru systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified and have NFRC certification.
  3. Interchangeable Glass Designs
    Interchangeable options shared between Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star lines give homeowners the ultimate in flexibility.
  4. Enhanced Lock Block
    Combines with 1 1/4" lock and hinge stiles for increased rigidity and stability.
  5. An Ostaco Exclusive Wood Lock Stile
    Engineered 3 9/16" wood lock stile, hinge stile and top rail, runs the entire length of the door adding structural integrity.