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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Learn from the industry leaders in fiberglass:


For our customers benefit, in-house seminar programs are conducted on a regular basis.  In our industry it is essential to adequately promote and demonstrate the benefits of energy efficient products. Ostaco has made a strong presence among its dealers across Ontario.  Through these partnerships we have effectively increased the demand and sales of our energy efficient products. 

In addition to our training seminar, customers are given the opportunity to spend some "hands-on" time with the product and within the plant and are able to observe the window manufacturing process.

Preparation for Diverse Program Activities:

Our dealers receive extensive training ensuring that they are prepared for a range of selling situations.

  • Training Sessions & Seminars
  • Store Fronts & Showrooms
  • Conference halls & Tradeshows

These specialized training sessions and seminars have proved to be fundamental for our customers.  Our creative and informational presentation format provide our customers with the tools and knowledge for promoting our high performance windows. 

Samples & Marketing Materials:

In order to assist our dealers in their marketing efforts, we have provided them with many useful visual aids, product samples, and other informative marketing tools. The reason for doing this allows us to demonstrate the benefits of using Ostaco made windows, their Energy saving properties, and performance enhancing features:

Samples & Demonstration Tools:

  • 24" x 30" Window hand samples
  • Corner samples of the different window frame profiles
  • Low E² and Low E³ Glass Samples
  • Low E unit Testing Kit produced by Cardinal Glass
    • Featuring a clear insulating glass unit and a solar control Low E insulating glass unit. These units are positioned in front of a heat lamp. Critically positioned rheometers are used to measure the relative energy flow through each glazing samples. This shows the dramatic advantage of energy star compliant units over the non-compliant insulating unit.
  • Window performances Comparison Charts
  • Test reports

Marketing Collateral:

  • Full-colour brochures, which featured the Energy Star logo
  • Energy Star vertical and horizontal Banners
  • Cards
  • Facts sheets
  • Posters
  • Power Point Presentations

Topics Discussed:

  1. A balancing Act
    • What is Low E
    • The purpose of Gas Fill
    • Warm Edge
    • Insulating Glass Terminology
      • Understanding U-value / R-value
      • SHGC
      • Visible Light Transmittance
    • IG Evolution
      • Insulating Glass History – from Low E Air Fill to Low E Solar Control
        • Low Emissivity Coating
        • Radiation Heat Transfer
      • Low E coatings block out up to 98% of the long wave infrared energy
  2. New technology - New Energy Efficient product availability at Ostaco
    • Cellular P.V.C. window system
      • Physical Characteristics of the cellular P.V.C.
      • Superior energy efficient characteristics
      • CSA test results
      • Comparison cellular P.V.C. , vinyl, wood and aluminum products
    • Low E³ Glass package
  3. Comparison, advantages, benefits in a long run of Energy Star rated windows.
    • Minimum Energy Star performances requirements
    • Ontario Building Code – Minimum Energy Requirements
    • The benefits of using Energy Star rated windows 

Training Evaluation:

Shortly after each seminar, an evaluation is distributed to every sales associate.  Each test consists of fifteen questions designed to assess one's understanding of today's energy market efficiency.  Impressively, the average score has been greater than 80%.