Message from the President

Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

In the Dickens novel "David Copperfield", the hero says: "Whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself to completely."

Here at Ostaco, you'll see that kind of devotion every day. Our core belief that windows and doors must be "done well", sends us striving for efficiency. For durability. For added-value features. For beauty.

We work tirelessly to improve and refine our windows and doors. Even after three decades in the business, we are still pouring time and money into research and development. This means plenty of dialogue with the people whose experience really counts: our dealers. When these important team-members asked us to find ways to make a high-performing modern window look and feel more like a traditional wood window, we acted on their insight by maximizing glazed area, removing weld seams…and many other mechanical fine-tunings!

The latest exciting result? Our new triple glazed Enersense window. Designed from scratch by our engineers, Enersense was perfected via two years of painstaking research and collaboration.

Enersense is a true triple-pane window (meaning every pane contains insulating Argon gas). Everything from the 1 3/8" thick triple glazed glass to the new custom-designed heavy-duty hinge, is crafted in order provide optimum energy efficiency and years of trouble free performance! And "Low E" Argon filters out the UV light that can fade your furniture and curtains, while its soundproofing qualities are way up there at the top end of what's currently possible.

Our commitment to quality allows us to back each of our products with a limited lifetime warranty. So as you read this brochure you can enjoy not just spectacular images but also peace of mind.

At Ostaco, we welcome your comments and questions. So please…feel free to be in touch.


Gianni Martini President