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Everything You Need To Know About Folding Doors

Folding doors turn walls into windows. They seamlessly allow you to enjoy nature without being exposed to the elements. And if you choose to open your doors, you have almost instantly extended your living space into the great outdoors.

In this blog, we outline some of the key benefits of our folding doors and how they can help create the space of your dreams.


folding door dimensions

Our folding doors are only limited by the size of your wall. Two-panel solutions can cover opening widths between 44 – 80” (3.67 – 6.67’), and for the adventurous, can even extend all the way up to an eight-panel that cover opening widths between 166-288” (13.83 – 24’)

The images below illustrate the dimensions and design of the folding doors depending on how many panels you can accommodate:

Unparalleled Quality

four panel folding doors transparent background

There are many elements of a folding door that make it a high-quality product. Here are a few features that our folding doors have:

Frame and sashes: Constructed with metal reinforcement for maximum sturdiness, ensuring they’re long-lasting.

The sill: Designed with a high drain threshold that allows for excellent water drainage.

Hardware and hinges: Made with stainless steel that combines strength and longevity.

Security: Three-point locking hardware and independent locking systems at every other panel allow for peace of mind.

Accessibility: A low-profile ADA aluminium sill allows those with accessibility needs to effortlessly navigate across the sill of the door.

Maintenance-free: The PVC casing makes these doors very, very low-maintenance and all aluminium that is exposed to the elements is anodized to prevent corrosion.

Great Performance

The perfect solution for large opening residential and commercial applications. Ostaco’s folding doors exceed performance testing standards for North America.

Plenty of Options

We provide a wide array of finishing options to choose from. Our patio folding doors are available in 20 different standard colours, and we can colour match nearly anything. In addition, there are also different glazing options, including varying degrees of Low-E / Argon, tinted, patterned grille design, SDL bars, and glass thickness ranging from 1”, 1 ¼”, and 1 ⅜”.

With so many options for customization, you can make your folding doors blend in, or stand-out to make a statement, for either your home or commercial space.

If you’re interested in folding doors come on by the Ostaco showroom, 248 Bowes Rd, Concord, and have a look! We will be glad to provide you with information on our products and direct you to your local Ostaco dealer get in touch with us.

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