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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Canada Day!!!

Thursday, 06.28.2012
Hi everyone,  on behalf of all of us at Ostaco we wish you a Happy Canada Day and a safe, enjoyable holiday for all. Happy Canada Day!!!    Bob view more.


Ostaco Bi-Fold door !!

Monday, 06.25.2012
Ostaco is excited about the new Moose Bi-Fold door, just like its sister "The Moose" sliding door, it's built strong.. Moose strong!!  The Moose Bi-Fold is available two,three or five panels and sizes up to 24' wide and ... view more.


Did you know!!

Tuesday, 06.12.2012
Hi everyone!!   here's a informative FYI for clients looking for door systems, all Ostaco vinyl clad doors systems have a unique "removal installation strip" for a clean long lasting appearence . Check it out at one ... view more.



Saturday, 06.02.2012
Hi everyone!!   Just a quick introduction , I'm Bob Barron, a senior accounts manager for Ostaco. Starting today I'm taking over the blogs and will be discussing on a weekly basis our new product launches and ... view more.


Buyer Beware

Monday, 10.24.2011
Okay, today's blog is a bit of a deviation from the norm, I will not be covering one of our product lines as per usual. Today I am going to touch upon advertising and how it can be misleading.  This weekend I received a ... view more.


The History of Entryways

Tuesday, 09.27.2011
Welcome back everyone! Today's blog focuses on The History of Entryways. In the beginning there was WOOD! Wood seemed like a logical first choice for an entry door... However, wood is a magnet for moisture, and always will be. Moisture coupled ... view more.


The Enersense: Advanced Window Technology

Thursday, 09.22.2011
Hello once again! I hope you enjoyed my last blog and were able to take away some relevant and interesting information. If not please let me know... There is an area on all of my blog posts where people can post comments or questions. So, have at ... view more.


Core Window Series

Wednesday, 08.17.2011
Hello All! Sorry it has been so long since my last blog post but things have been busy here at Ostaco Windows & Doors. As explained in my last post my intention is to educate you, the consumer, on our vast product line. So, the focus of this ... view more.


Ostaco Windows & Doors: An Introduction

Wednesday, 06.08.2011
So, here goes nothing! My first blog post.... First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Kyle Attard and I am the Marketing Coordinator here at Ostaco Windows & Doors. If you are wondering what exactly it is we do here at Ostaco let me ... view more.


Different Types of Windows for Your Home

Friday, 12.24.2010
If you’re looking for windows to put in your home, try out the windows offered by Ostaco. Ostaco is a premier Toronto-based company specializing in the production of high-quality windows. The company’s product list includes a wide ... view more.


Alternative Fiber Glass Entry Doors and Windows in Toronto

Friday, 12.24.2010
Doors and windows manufacturers in Toronto prove that fiberglass doors are the perfect alternative to steel doors and wood doors.  Steel doors are more prone to scratches, rusting, dents, wearing, and tearing while wood doors can rot, warp ... view more.


Fiberglass Windows and Doors Affect a House's Market Value

Friday, 12.24.2010
If you are on the verge of deciding which home is the best option for you, consider windows and doors as a marginal standard. Here in Toronto, windows and doors add to the total quality and value of a house. Their aesthetic and structural ... view more.


Spotting Out the Quality Construction of Vinyl Windows

Friday, 12.24.2010
Have you ever wondered what vinyl is? We often hear the word associated with floorings.  Vinyl is a shiny, flexible, and durable synthetic material commonly used for floor coverings. Vinyl is also widely used in manufacturing windows. This ... view more.


Moving Out from Traditional Door Blinds to Contemporary Doors

Friday, 12.24.2010
One of the best components of a house is the patio door. Patio doors are commonly called sliding glass doors. Patio doors propagated from the architecture of Europe and North America. The traditional patio doors design has two panels, with one ... view more.


The Benefits of Using Low U-Value Windows

Friday, 12.24.2010
One of the best ventilations of a home is through its windows. Some people identify the quality of a house and the people living there by the condition of their windows and doors. Windows serve as our connection to the world and nature outside. ... view more.


How To Remedy Common Window Installation Problems

Friday, 12.24.2010
Windows are exposed to several natural factors like extreme heat, extreme cold, winds and rain.Therefore it is important to make sure that the materials used in windows are sturdy enough to withstand any of these occurrences without having to be ... view more.


The Many Benefits Of Casement Windows

Friday, 12.17.2010
Casement windows are the first kind of movable windows. In the US, cranks are commonly used to open these kinds of windows. In other places, they use projection stays and other locking devices. A casement window can be left or right ... view more.


Defend Glass Windows with Protective Preserve Film

Friday, 12.17.2010
When you are renovating a house, the common aftershock scenario could be the scratches and paint blemishes in the glass windows and doors. You might even get hysterical if you have no idea how to get rid of the blemishes. In Toronto, there are ... view more.


Stylistic and Beneficial Shutters for Windows and Doors

Friday, 12.17.2010
There are different purposes of mounting shutters to windows and doors of a home. Shutters control the amount of sunlight that enters the home, as well as visibility and airflow. It also provides privacy, and protection against the weather. Most ... view more.


The Many Benefits Of Vinyl Windows

Friday, 12.17.2010
Vinyl windows have always been very popular. This is because of their many beneficial qualities and distinguishing characteristics. These kinds of windows are also widely known in suburban areas like Toronto. One of the major benefits of ... view more.


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