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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Welcome !!!

Monday, 05.29.2017
Well,  this could be my last blog , not that I've been that active with it, lol.  we at Ostaco have made some positive changes and additions the last few months , one such addition is Kevin Healy ,  he'll  to be ... view more.


Happy Holidays

Thursday, 12.22.2016
We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Team Ostaco view more.


Welcome Christine !!!

Wednesday, 03.04.2015
According to our dealers this year is really shaping up well , there's a lot of very positive activity out there,  awesome sign ... And like our dealers we too are feeling  positive as well, and one that ... view more.


SPECIAL OFFER Tree House Windows & Doors

Wednesday, 07.03.2013
Click the "Print Offer" button below to print this coupon. Bring it into Tree House to receive your discount. view more.


Happy Holidays

Monday, 12.24.2012
Happy Holidays everyone!   We at Ostaco want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and a prosperious New Year !!!!  All the best view more.


Canada Day!!!

Thursday, 06.28.2012
Hi everyone,  on behalf of all of us at Ostaco we wish you a Happy Canada Day and a safe, enjoyable holiday for all. Happy Canada Day!!!    Bob view more.


Ostaco Bi-Fold door !!

Monday, 06.25.2012
Ostaco is excited about the new Moose Bi-Fold door, just like its sister "The Moose" sliding door, it's built strong.. Moose strong!!  The Moose Bi-Fold is available two,three or five panels and sizes up to 24' wide and ... view more.


The Enersense: Advanced Window Technology

Thursday, 09.22.2011
Hello once again! I hope you enjoyed my last blog and were able to take away some relevant and interesting information. If not please let me know... There is an area on all of my blog posts where people can post comments or questions. So, have at ... view more.


The Benefits of Using Low U-Value Windows

Friday, 12.24.2010
One of the best ventilations of a home is through its windows. Some people identify the quality of a house and the people living there by the condition of their windows and doors. Windows serve as our connection to the world and nature outside. ... view more.


Window Replacement in Toronto

Friday, 12.17.2010
Many homeowners in Toronto become weary of house repairs because of the time it takes to do them. For example, the need to replace windows is often put off until damages become to obvious to ignore. When this happens, preparing to install new ... view more.