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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.

Core triple glaze

Tuesday, 04.07.2015
Recently, three years ago we redesigned our Core 3 1/4 window to except the 1 3/8 triple glaze option like we offer for our EnerSense,  this Core 3 1/4 is prefect for that window you're looking to replace..  heavier sash, ... view more.


Happy New Year !

Wednesday, 01.07.2015
Hi everyone and Happy New Year !!  wishing all a healthy and prosperous year Wow!  where the does the time go?  its been sometime since I last posted something and there is so much to talk about but something I'll do over ... view more.


Changing Times..

Friday, 01.04.2013
Happy New Year everyone!!    As I have often mentioned, Ostaco is always looking at adding value for the clients, and here's news about the success of a new product we launched awhile ago and the effect it has had . In 2010 ... view more.


The History of Entryways

Tuesday, 09.27.2011
Welcome back everyone! Today's blog focuses on The History of Entryways. In the beginning there was WOOD! Wood seemed like a logical first choice for an entry door... However, wood is a magnet for moisture, and always will be. Moisture coupled ... view more.


Core Window Series

Wednesday, 08.17.2011
Hello All! Sorry it has been so long since my last blog post but things have been busy here at Ostaco Windows & Doors. As explained in my last post my intention is to educate you, the consumer, on our vast product line. So, the focus of this ... view more.


Ostaco Windows & Doors: An Introduction

Wednesday, 06.08.2011
So, here goes nothing! My first blog post.... First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Kyle Attard and I am the Marketing Coordinator here at Ostaco Windows & Doors. If you are wondering what exactly it is we do here at Ostaco let me ... view more.


Moving Out from Traditional Door Blinds to Contemporary Doors

Friday, 12.24.2010
One of the best components of a house is the patio door. Patio doors are commonly called sliding glass doors. Patio doors propagated from the architecture of Europe and North America. The traditional patio doors design has two panels, with one ... view more.


Anti Pollen Allergy Screen Doors and Windows

Friday, 12.17.2010
Trees, grasses, and flowers release pollens to the air during certain seasons. Unfortunately, thousands of Canadians are allergic to pollen, especially people with asthma. Direct contact with these particles causes them to suffer from severe ... view more.