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Width of the overall glass unit is 1 3/8" top rating in energy efficiency.


Wednesday, 08.03.2016
Well it was awhile coming but is finally here, Ostaco's new "Lift n Slide" patio door,  and is it a beautiful door. All vinyl re-enforced construction, European hardware, available and tested up to 12 x 8 ... TWO PANEL ! ... view more.


Happy Canada Day !!

Thursday, 06.30.2016
We at Ostaco want to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. Have a safe and wondeful holiday . view more.


Shutters with that ?

Tuesday, 04.05.2016
Close to 6 years ago we started a program where you were able to order "California" or "Plantation"  shutters when you order your new windows . Well I must say, what an incredible idea, one stop ! One ... view more.


Retractable screens

Wednesday, 11.28.2012
Is it a retractable screen you're looking for? At Ostaco we're always looking for value added products for our clients... and here's another for for you!! A retractable screen for your new door system, whether it's a new ... view more.


Did you know!!

Tuesday, 06.12.2012
Hi everyone!!   here's a informative FYI for clients looking for door systems, all Ostaco vinyl clad doors systems have a unique "removal installation strip" for a clean long lasting appearence . Check it out at one ... view more.



Saturday, 06.02.2012
Hi everyone!!   Just a quick introduction , I'm Bob Barron, a senior accounts manager for Ostaco. Starting today I'm taking over the blogs and will be discussing on a weekly basis our new product launches and ... view more.


Buyer Beware

Monday, 10.24.2011
Okay, today's blog is a bit of a deviation from the norm, I will not be covering one of our product lines as per usual. Today I am going to touch upon advertising and how it can be misleading.  This weekend I received a ... view more.


How To Remedy Common Window Installation Problems

Friday, 12.24.2010
Windows are exposed to several natural factors like extreme heat, extreme cold, winds and rain.Therefore it is important to make sure that the materials used in windows are sturdy enough to withstand any of these occurrences without having to be ... view more.


A Word on Replacing Your Windows

Friday, 12.17.2010
Windows play a vital role in any home. Without them, you will not be able to take advantage of natural light and you won’t have enough air circulation in your house. For these reasons, attaching the right kind of windows and doing the ... view more.